Marble Surface


We are a family owned and operated real estate group specializing in industrial and commercial properties located in Southern Connecticut.

                                 OUR COMPANIES

Clark Development - Family operated since 1965

George C. Field Company, Inc. - Founded in 1897 and family operated since 1921.  Offering commercial and residential properties from Old Saybrook to Madison.

E.S.T. Trust - Family operated since 1992

Connecticut Yankee Realty, Inc. - Family operated since 1968.  Celebrating over 50 years of providing real estate management and development services to customers.  Offering over 50,000 square feet of office and industrial space just 1/2 mile from Essex Village and overlooking beautiful Sunset Pond.

Clark Corporation - Family operated since 1977.  Major Contractor

375 Middlesex Turnpike, LLC - Family operated since 2003

G & P Trust - Family operated since 2006

Brockway Island LLC - Family operated since 2013

23 Saybrook Road LLC - Family operated since 2019

                     SERVICES WE PROVIDE

Property Management                          Estimating

Construction Management                  Remodeling

Site Location                                             Investment Analysis

Building Design